Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Student Week 2014

In Willis, we were pleased to find a tower of box lunches built on the compost bin

A student promptly recycled the handouts that the academic adviser had just provided.

New students crammed the compost receptacles full of box lunches at the tri-waste stations.

Resources recovered from the compost waste stream.

Today Callum and Jackson decided to investigate the academic buildings where New Students had just met with their academic advisers. Box lunches were provided to the students to take to their meetings.

Overall, we were pleased to see that the students had crammed the compost receptacles to their maximum capacity. Still, there was a great quantity of unopened and untouched food.

GUFF* your unwanted food by labeling it and leaving it in your lounge or your fridge for your floormates to enjoy.

*"Given up for floor"

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