Monday, September 29, 2014

First Saturday

Full box of Q-tips found in the landfill receptacle. 
Andrew posing with the recovered resource.

Custodial Services made the decision to install "totes" (curbside collection bins) in the hallways inside of James Hall. These totes are more voluminous and thus better equipped to accept the significant amounts of bottles and cans that are generated by student activities (i.e. parties) at this residence hall.

A full pizza found in the landfill.

A $100 coupon for wine from an online wine retailer.

Henri with some things he found: apples and wiring for Randy Peck's sculpture project.

Rice County Sanitary Landfill

View of the Rice County Sanitary Landfill. The open pit is called a "cell." This cell is relatively new and still has a lot of space. The mound to the right side of the photograph is a full, retired cell.

Rice County Sanitary Landfill has an estimated 20-25 years left before reaching maximum capacity. At that point garbage will have to be sent elsewhere.

Many birds at the landfill.
This is Carleton student Timmy with the ample resources left behind by the past residents of his home. There were many useable wears and products among the rubble. Timmy and his housemates are facing the struggle of clearing this stuff out of the garage so that they can use the space.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Second Saturday, Fall 2014

from Watson

An indication that the new "comprehensive waste guide" signage is not affecting student's behavior as intended. The sign posted here is very information dense and does not function as a quick reference guide. A different strain of signage is probably appropriate for posting directly over the receptacles.

from Cassat

Trash crew member Andrew created an impromptu knight's costume using exclusively cardboard that he found in landfill receptacles during his rounds. Great way to grab attention and spread awareness of our cause with creativity!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Waste Sorting Game at Nolympics

The beauty of collaboration. This is the first ever waste-sorting game to be hosted at Nolympics -- a fun and competitive event that is traditional to Carleton's New Student Week. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to get freshman exposed to the puzzle that is waste sorting.

Here the student's work together to sort a bulk bin full of mixed types of waste into compost, recycling, landfill, and *special.* The later was designated for things that do not belong in compost, recycle, or landfill, namely electronics, batteries, and the new reusable mugs from the dining hall.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Student Week 2014

In Willis, we were pleased to find a tower of box lunches built on the compost bin

A student promptly recycled the handouts that the academic adviser had just provided.

New students crammed the compost receptacles full of box lunches at the tri-waste stations.

Resources recovered from the compost waste stream.

Today Callum and Jackson decided to investigate the academic buildings where New Students had just met with their academic advisers. Box lunches were provided to the students to take to their meetings.

Overall, we were pleased to see that the students had crammed the compost receptacles to their maximum capacity. Still, there was a great quantity of unopened and untouched food.

GUFF* your unwanted food by labeling it and leaving it in your lounge or your fridge for your floormates to enjoy.

*"Given up for floor"