Monday, May 26, 2014

Eighth Saturday and Spring Concert

Good times on the lawn in front of James

Some stained footwear, otherwise in good condition

This was a big weekend for the saturday crew. We started with normal resource recovery during our rounds. We came up with a pile of produce and some minced clams.

After that, Sunday crew met us at the Facilities break room for our end-of-the year celebration. Between us, there were enough guest meals to get all the off-board folks into the dining hall.
two salvaged oranges enhance Henri's rump
After that we progressed around campus and finally ended up at Farm house at a convenient location to attend the beginning of spring concert.

Waste Patrol at Spring Concert

This effort was a success. The waste streams were very pure at the end of the concert and the grounds were left litter-free. Many folks feel that the waste was managed effectively at this year's event.

I can say that I had a lot of fun volunteering for waste patrol. It was interesting to be present at a crucial moment in someone's decision making process. My peers were curious and friendly about being helped/educated about where to put their waste items. I left the event feeling much more optimistic about Carleton's capability to deal with waste responsbily.

All of the waste generated at the concert was compost or recycling, and the organizers of this event chose not to provide landfill receptacles for that reason. As a result of having limited options, I think people acted differently than they would have if there had been a landfill receptacle available. It is pretty clear that the landfill bin is a "go-to" for most people because there is the least doubt about what it can accept--it takes everything! I now seek to be waste patrol during an event when people have all three options before them, because I think there is a greater potential to educate people in that situation.

-Jackson Vanfleet Brown

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