Monday, May 19, 2014

7th Saturday

As the solo cup receives the ping-pong ball, the infamous pong champions and amateurs cheer the successful feat. But the game goes awry when solo cups are aimed into the land fills. Let there be trash-pong. Or mindful waste treatment.

Too much liquid for the party, too little blood to the conscientious mind.

A freegan receptacle may have solved this issue. Or additional members to share the love of this produce. Or an extra minute to store these goods. Why did this nutrition never make it into a belly?

Scene of the crime - the towering criminal has been caught red-handed. Fruits, cups, sandwiches, cookies, chicken tenders, pants and boots are displayed on a plateau of grass. These items of daily assistance have been forgotten, finding a lifeless home in waste receptacles. This love song is one of separation.

Community of lost souls.

Trash monger investigation.

Post-recovery feast. Chocolate and coffee unite us in a warm conversation. The pizza was too old to be touched, but an ancestor worthy of recognition nonetheless.

~Commentary by Henri Sandifer

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