Saturday, May 10, 2014

6th Saturday

Today we staged a photo for an infographic that is getting published in the upcoming issue of The Voice, a magazine that is distributed to Carleton alumni across the country and the world.

All the items you see were found in landfill receptacles in Burton. We skimmed a few notable items from each floor then assembled them in a single photo.

The items are assembled to illustrate the wasteful behavior of students, and also their lack of discretion when it comes to segregating compostables and recyclables.

An altar to waste

Ridiculed Trash Mongers

Today as the trash crew was doing their rounds on the East side, Jackson was busy assembling a display of wasted items on the front lawn of Burton Hall. It was a beautiful day, the lawn was an immaculate green, and conspicuously strewn with what appeared to be garbage and an overturned landfill receptacle. Here was this crazy kid with a radio and blue nitrile gloves on raking through the garbage on the front lawn. A trash monger. Trustees and alumni walked by with their children, enjoying a morning walk through the campus whose waste had now become an opportunity for adventure.

I have never felt so insane crazy before. The various Carls passing me by were totally estranged. They did not ask questions. They avoided my gaze and did not venture a smile. People I am acquainted with, friends even, passed me by without acknowledging how much fun could be had with their almost-lost goods.

Until this day I have never felt so conspicuous and so ignored at the same time. It was a true test of my commitment to pursuing waste related issues, and to my identity as a TRASH MONGER.

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  1. Keep up to good fight man! "If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done."