Monday, May 26, 2014

8th Sunday

8th Sunday
Today, we saw much trash overflowing-bursting forth from the receptacles in James. We found a quite dirty mop head sitting all by its lonesome. Additionally we found a full set of bedding, including a dingy comforter, tattered sheets and pillowcases. Included in the bounty was a bed lamp and a pair of pants. The third notable item we found was the same inflatable mattress that we found weeks ago on the other side of campus. Apparently someone recovered, repaired and used it, managing to rip it even more intensely than it was last time. We salute you, resource recoverer!

"I feel good, so good, I got you" - Our ode to trash.

Eighth Saturday and Spring Concert

Good times on the lawn in front of James

Some stained footwear, otherwise in good condition

This was a big weekend for the saturday crew. We started with normal resource recovery during our rounds. We came up with a pile of produce and some minced clams.

After that, Sunday crew met us at the Facilities break room for our end-of-the year celebration. Between us, there were enough guest meals to get all the off-board folks into the dining hall.
two salvaged oranges enhance Henri's rump
After that we progressed around campus and finally ended up at Farm house at a convenient location to attend the beginning of spring concert.

Waste Patrol at Spring Concert

This effort was a success. The waste streams were very pure at the end of the concert and the grounds were left litter-free. Many folks feel that the waste was managed effectively at this year's event.

I can say that I had a lot of fun volunteering for waste patrol. It was interesting to be present at a crucial moment in someone's decision making process. My peers were curious and friendly about being helped/educated about where to put their waste items. I left the event feeling much more optimistic about Carleton's capability to deal with waste responsbily.

All of the waste generated at the concert was compost or recycling, and the organizers of this event chose not to provide landfill receptacles for that reason. As a result of having limited options, I think people acted differently than they would have if there had been a landfill receptacle available. It is pretty clear that the landfill bin is a "go-to" for most people because there is the least doubt about what it can accept--it takes everything! I now seek to be waste patrol during an event when people have all three options before them, because I think there is a greater potential to educate people in that situation.

-Jackson Vanfleet Brown

Monday, May 19, 2014

7th Saturday

As the solo cup receives the ping-pong ball, the infamous pong champions and amateurs cheer the successful feat. But the game goes awry when solo cups are aimed into the land fills. Let there be trash-pong. Or mindful waste treatment.

Too much liquid for the party, too little blood to the conscientious mind.

A freegan receptacle may have solved this issue. Or additional members to share the love of this produce. Or an extra minute to store these goods. Why did this nutrition never make it into a belly?

Scene of the crime - the towering criminal has been caught red-handed. Fruits, cups, sandwiches, cookies, chicken tenders, pants and boots are displayed on a plateau of grass. These items of daily assistance have been forgotten, finding a lifeless home in waste receptacles. This love song is one of separation.

Community of lost souls.

Trash monger investigation.

Post-recovery feast. Chocolate and coffee unite us in a warm conversation. The pizza was too old to be touched, but an ancestor worthy of recognition nonetheless.

~Commentary by Henri Sandifer

Monday, May 12, 2014

6th Sunday

"Trash rules everything around me. TREAM." - Wu Tang

This Sunday, Sunday Crew was not very pleased with East Side. There were several landfill bins overflowing, and many that had food-covered aluminum in them. In James we found this spectacular sight: A quadruple-overflowing display of laziness. Get yourselves together, seniors!

"And God said, 'Let there be trash.' And it was so. Much trash. Such wow." - Trash Bible

Saturday, May 10, 2014

6th Saturday

Today we staged a photo for an infographic that is getting published in the upcoming issue of The Voice, a magazine that is distributed to Carleton alumni across the country and the world.

All the items you see were found in landfill receptacles in Burton. We skimmed a few notable items from each floor then assembled them in a single photo.

The items are assembled to illustrate the wasteful behavior of students, and also their lack of discretion when it comes to segregating compostables and recyclables.

An altar to waste

Ridiculed Trash Mongers

Today as the trash crew was doing their rounds on the East side, Jackson was busy assembling a display of wasted items on the front lawn of Burton Hall. It was a beautiful day, the lawn was an immaculate green, and conspicuously strewn with what appeared to be garbage and an overturned landfill receptacle. Here was this crazy kid with a radio and blue nitrile gloves on raking through the garbage on the front lawn. A trash monger. Trustees and alumni walked by with their children, enjoying a morning walk through the campus whose waste had now become an opportunity for adventure.

I have never felt so insane crazy before. The various Carls passing me by were totally estranged. They did not ask questions. They avoided my gaze and did not venture a smile. People I am acquainted with, friends even, passed me by without acknowledging how much fun could be had with their almost-lost goods.

Until this day I have never felt so conspicuous and so ignored at the same time. It was a true test of my commitment to pursuing waste related issues, and to my identity as a TRASH MONGER.

Monday, May 5, 2014

5th Sunday

5th Sunday

"But y'all would much rather hear me rappin' 'bout trash" - Jay Electronica

We found a lot of clothes this Sunday.

Resources Recovered

All on the same floor we found a pair of shorts, a pair of pants, a pair of socks, a pair of heels, a pair of sneakers, a pair of slippers, and half a pair of pillows.


These clothes can be put in the bin in the laundry room, which will periodically be emptied and the contents donated. 


5th Saturday

 This Saturday we had an exceptionally bountiful haul. This was largely due to an egregious misuse of a several landfill receptacles on 3rd Burton.

Resources Recovered

This mountain of resources rivals the imposing facade of Burton Hall
Saturday crew
Henri claims the fruit. Read his narrative from last week
Easter candy, chocolate, granola bars, pizza, cupcakes, take-out food, a gallon of orange juice, mayonnaise, ranch dressing--all from landfill receptacles.
For the time being, waste monitors are happy to claim most of this stuff. John is going for the candy.
All of this food was found in the same landfill receptacle. Someone in this area generates a lot of food waste. Please deposit in the compost receptacle in your floor kitchen.
Found in the kitchen landfill receptacle.
Fermenting salsa, found in a recycling receptacle. The jar is recyclable plastic, but the food waste needs to be emptied in the compost beforehand.
This metal spoon does not belong in the trash. Coffee cups are compostable, including food or teabags which may be inside them.

Some other resources worth mentioning from the larger haul: Half of a very large jar Whey Protein ($$!), a suite of unused toiletries including sealed bottles of mouthwash, acne treatment, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. Cleaning supplies including disinfectant spray, air fresheners, laundry soap, dish soap, and scented garbage bags. School supplies: empty notebooks, binders, flash cards, writing utensils. Pants and shoes.

Can you believe it?

Comments: Prescription medications

I was rather shocked today to find 6 unopened packages of prescription medication. Each package had dozens of pills inside unbroken plastic and aluminum sheets.

There are times when I feel awkward digging through the garbage, and this was certainly one of them--you feel as though you have a unique window into someone's soul and you often see things that you wouldn't otherwise want to see.

What do you do with perscription meds that you no longer need? Hold onto them until the next time you get sick? The better decision is to not overestimate the quantity you need initially. In this case, I am happy that they were directed towards the landfill rather than being flushed down the toilet. Never flush medication down the toilet. This introduces it into our water supply, and sewage treatment is not effective for removing the chemicals.

Try breaking the pills out of their aluminum/plastic sheets and disposing of the packaging separately in the recycling.