Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Images from Spring and Fall 2013

The homogenous mixture of recyclable and compostable items that are found contaminating garbage bins.

This is a practice that RAs employ to threaten residents who won't clean their dishes. "If you don't clean them, they get thrown away." It makes sense to redirect this cookware towards other people on campus who could use it (i.e. interest houses)

Incorrect placement of aluminum in the garbage, despite the immediately proximal recycling bin. This type of decision needs to be addressed on campus.

Useful items found in the garbage

These burgers were found raw, still in their packaging, in the recycling receptacle on top of Hill of Three Oaks. Obviously they were left unconsumed after a BBQ event. (Jackson is now cooking them on the grill for his own consumption). There should be avenues for students to donate food to other people who can eat it. At the very least, this food should be disposed of in the compost bin.

Practically a full take-out meal. All of these things were found in the garbage. This is an example of a suite of items that require multiple-steps for proper disposal. Firstly, the food and paper packaging should be dumped out into the yellow (compost) bin. Then the recyclable plastics should be put in recycling. Finally, the styrofoam box belongs in the landfill receptacle.

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