Monday, April 14, 2014

2nd Sunday


3rd James

 This is raw chicken. It was not rotten. Meat represents an enormous amount of energy and resources. It also represents a life. It is sad to see meat in the garbage.

Location: 2nd Memo
Observations: A box of sushi, a tin of Mexican food, and a lot of coffee cups and bottles covered in a mysterious sauce.
Interpretation: People eat food.

Location: 1st Nourse  
Observations: Chocolate, sanitary napkins, tissues, miso soup, orange peels, granola bars.
Interpretation: Some dude got punched in the face and his nose started bleeding badly. His friends tried to cheer him up with food.

 Resources Recovered

  • Fully functional blender (2nd Myers) (Jackson)
  • Several ham sandwiches (Multiple locations) (Jackson)
  • 18 solo cups (3rd Nourse) (Jackson)
  • Highlighters (3rd Myers) (Jackson


In Cassat, there were several instances of compostable boxes being thrown in the incorrect bins. Second had about eighteen Sayles boxes in the landfill bin, and third had a bunch of Dominos boxes in the recycling bin. Thanks for trying, but Dominos boxes are compostable!

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