Monday, April 14, 2014

2nd Saturday


Ocean of Coffee on 3rd Goodhue
Location: 3rd Goodhue

Observations: This can had at least 3 different kinds of coffee products floating in about six inches of coffee.
Interpretation:The floor held a coffee-tasting event.

3rd Goodhue

Location: 3rd Goodhue

Observations: A box for a high end coffeemaker, with all styrofoam and plastic packaging inside.
Interpretation: The coffee-gressive.

5th Watson
Location: 5th Watson
Observations: A pristine pair of knock-off Ugg boots, dumped in the original box and wrapping outside the Watson elevator.
Interpretation: This student got so sick of never-ending winter that they threw out their boots in protest. Alternative interpretation; a spider laid a nest in these boots over spring break, and the student threw them out in horror.

Resources Recovered:

  • One pair of knock-off Ugg boots, women's size 8. Near mint condition (5th Watson, Audrey).
  • One pair of athletic sneakers, women's size 8. Good condition (2nd Nourse, Audrey).
  • One pack of 12 ct. weight-loss pills, unopened (2nd Memo, Jackson).

Comments for the Day:

In bins across buildings and floors, there were a lot of left-overs from parties that were improperly disposed of. So, we recorded a lot of Solo cups, glass and plastic bottles, and aluminum cans, often next to empty recycling bins. Apparently appropriate disposal habits aren't ingrained enough to still be remembered when drunk.

Per usual, Goodhue bins were all contaminated with a mix of pizza boxes, Sayles boxes, and coffee cups. Goodhue might be far away from campus and hard to get food from, but how hard is it to compost this stuff once you're there?

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