Monday, April 14, 2014

1st Saturday

The Narrative

3rd Davis
Location: 3rd Davis
Observations: (from left to right) a compostable liner filled with Gatorade bottles, an unidentifiable electronic device, a cell phone charger, a broken glass pipe, a bag of popcorn, and a sheet paper with an itemized budget (with $200 was allotted towards fast food, and $700 towards gas.)
Interpretation: A spring break road trip
1st Davis
Location: 1st Davis
Observations: A melange of carboard, aluminum, paper towels, plastic forks, and bones, all drenched with BBQ sauce.
Interpretation: Communal feast over football

Location: 2nd Nourse
Observations: A pair of Carleton buttons, one for a "Parent," on for an "Alum."
Interpretation: A student had a falling out with his or her parent.

Resources Recovered

  • Carton of eggs with 8 eggs in it (Ground Cassat) (Henri)
  • Bag of art supplies—includes conte crayons, watercolors, and brushes (on 2nd Hill. ) (Jackson)


Multiple times we observed places where the garbage was filled with cardboard, despite there being a recycling receptacle in the IMMEDIATE vicinity. This has to do with the size of the receptacles. How inviting is each receptacle to someone with a large box? The blue bins are narrow, and even though there are two of them at the station, neither one is individually big enough to accommodate a big box. The solution is to fit the large box in the single largest receptacle, which is always the 40 gallon trash bucket. 

This is indicative of a problem either with the allotment of space towards different receptacles, or more likely, a problem with people who don’t take several seconds to break down their box.

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