Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spring Concert!

Spring Concert is always a big event, and produces a lot of waste. To make sure all this waste got sorted correctly, the excellent Jackson Van Fleet donned a fluorescent vest, camped out by a group of bins, and helped students throw away their trash effectively.

 Jackson poses with some compost.

 Everyone appreciates a guy in a fluorescent vest.

 Jackson pointing out that the cups handed out at Spring Concert read "compostable" on the bottom.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

7th Weekend Saturday

Spotted in Goodhue: an RA has taken the initiative to DIY an informational poster about waste sorting.  Great work, Goodhue RAs! We love to see people take an interest.

This Saturday's collection of unspoiled food found in the trash: pizza, V8, an orange, cheese, some pasta salad, and some matzah. We'd prefer you don't throw away perfectly good food, but at least there's more for us.

 A large collection of recyclables that were all originally found in a landfill bin. Luckily, we caught them and moved them to recycling.

Our friends on trash-crew posing with all of the day's finds. From left: David, Shilin, Andrew, and Matt.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

6th Week

A landfill receptacle that is full of tissues. Tissues are 100% compostable. We very frequently find tissues in the landfill, even if they are not in this concentration.

A totally intact and functional frisbee in the landfill bin. We rinsed it off and returned it to the owner, whose name was written on the back.

Matt poses with today's recovered resources.